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AMSOIL Ashburn, Virginia

Shipping & Ordering information

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AMSOIL products for Ashburn, Virginia will be shipped from our Lancaster, Pennsylvania Distribution Center

AMSOIL Lancaster, Pennsylvania warehouse is closest to Ashburn, Virginia

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Shipping route from: Lancaster, Pennsylvania AMSOIL warehouse (a) to Ashburn, Virginia (b)

Ariel Distance from Ashburn, Virginia to Lancaster, Pennsylvania: 95.39 miles

AMSOIL Shipping Information

We ship via UPS and DHL
1. All AMSOIL products are drop-shipped from the closest distribution centre to your location.
2. AMSOIL Operates 11 distribution centers in the United States
3. AMSOIL products for Ashburn, Virginia will be shipped from our Lancaster, Pennsylvania distribution center
4. AMSOIL primarily ships via UPS (other carriers are also used for certain locations)
5. AMSOIL receives special discounted shipping rates from UPS (refer shipping rates section)
6. AMSOIL shipping charges are based on weight only (not by number of items)

AMSOIL Shipping Rates

Shipping Rates for USA

United States AMSOIL Freight Rates - Effective January 1, 2014

Freight is calculated based on order weight (not by number of items).

For your estimation, average weight for...

  • Quart of oil: 2 lbs.
  • Case of 12 quarts: 25 lbs.
  • 1 gallon bottle: 8 lbs.
  • Case of 4 gallons: 32 lbs.
  • Air & oil filter: 1 lb each.

This freight schedule applies on shipments to any point in the contiguous United States (irrespective of distance).

Weight, lbs.Freight RatesBusiness Account Rates*
Under 1 lb.$7.10$7.10
1 - 3 lbs.$8.10$8.10
3 - 6.9 lbs.$8.65$8.65
7 - 13.9 lbs.$9.10$8.75
14 - 21.9 lbs.$9.85$9.40
22 - 39.9 lbs.$0.47 per lb.$0.41 per lb.
40 - 59.9 lbs.$0.38 per lb.$0.37 per lb.
60 - 99.9 lbs.$0.37 per lb.$0.32 per lb.
100 - 250 lbs.$0.34 per lb.$0.31 per lb.
251 - 500 lbs.$0.30 per lb.$0.29 per lb.
501 - 1,000 lbs.$0.22 per lb.$0.22 per lb.
1001 - 2,000 lbs.$0.18 per lb.$0.18 per lb.
2001 - 5,000 lbs.$0.17 per lb.$0.17 per lb.
Over 5,000 lbs.$0.14 per lb.$0.14 per lb.

Freight Terms

AMSOIL freight schedule applies on shipments to any point in the contiguous United States on products stocked in AMSOIL distribution centers. Orders shipped to military post offices will be charged actual Parcel Post Freight.

* Freight cost for AMSOIL Commercial Accounts & AMSOIL Retail On the Shelf Accounts are slightly lower. Additional freight discounts up to the full freight is paid by AMSOIL for larger orders made by AMSOIL Commercial Accounts & AMSOIL Retail On the Shelf Accounts.

The above shipping schedule is provided for estimation purposes only. Depending on the nature of the order, charges may vary.

Local Pickup Information

AMSOIL Local Pickup

AMSOIL Local Pickup

Our distribution centers are open to AMSOIL account holders such as AMSOIL preferred customers, dealers and business accounts (commercial / retail accounts).

If you do not currently have an AMSOIL account, you can immediately obtain an AMSOIL preferred customer account online with which you will have full access to our distribution centers and purchase products at wholesale prices. Click here to get started.

If you own a business, please click here for more information on AMSOIL business accounts.

If you would like to become an AMSOIL dealer, please click here for more information.

Note: AMSOIL distribution centers are not open to the public. Make sure to set up an account before visiting. AMSOIL distribution centers do not accept cash as a method of payment. Credit, debit cards or checks only.

US Sales Tax Information

US Tax Rates Map


This is a distance calculation tool. AMSOIL shipping decision may vary based on actual freight for a particular location & may also depend upon product availability.

Therefore, for your information, we are including next three closest distribution center, which will give you an idea of the logical point of shipping.

Four Closest AMSOIL Distribution Centers to Ashburn, Virginia

Locations Closest to Ashburn, VirginiaDistance
AMSOIL Lancaster, Pennsylvania Distribution Center:95.39 Miles (Closest)
AMSOIL Richmond, Virginia Distribution Center: 105.18 Miles (2nd Closest)
AMSOIL Columbus, Ohio Distribution Center: 306.2 Miles (3rd Closest)
AMSOIL Chicago, Illinois Distribution Center:587.14 Miles (4th Closest)

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